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Find Your Inspiration: wealth of Nations

NOW in Universities as part of the economic course!!!… WOW… GOD is GREAT, I will praise my God for as long as my heart beats and for as long as I have breath I will sing his holy name…
This book is inspired by the Wealth Of Nations, it is a condensed , easy-to-understand with real world application of the valuable knowledge within. The publishing of “The Wealth of Nations” marked the birth of modern capitalism as well as economics. Oddly enough, Adam Smith, the champion of the free market, spent the last years of his life as the Commissioner of Customs, meaning he was responsible for enforcing all the tariffs. He took the work to heart, and burned many of his clothes when he discovered they had been smuggled into shops from abroad. Historical irony aside, his invisible hand continues to be a powerful force today. Smith overturned the miserly view of mercantilism and gave us a vision of plenty and freedom for all. The free market he envisioned, though not yet fully realized, may have done more to raise the global standard of living than any single idea in history. This is a timeless classic using fundamental economic concepts. It is important to observe the thought processes of an intelligent individual from over 200 years ago, thinking through the core basics of the foundations of economic theory. Modern humans tend to think of ourselves as smarter than previous generations. Actually, we are “standing on the shoulders of giants” to paraphrase a quote by Sir Isaac Newton, who actually borrowed it from several previous historical passages. Adam Smith saw clearly, and articulated eloquently the fundamental principals underlying what is wealth, how it correlates to actual physical processes and items, and how it is accrued in a fluid economic environment.


Forgiveness To Fitness: Exercise And Nutrition Plan With Journal” NOW in UNIVERSITIES 


forgiveness to fitness: exercise and nutrition plan with Journal

Forgiveness To Fitness: Exercise And Nutrition Plan With Journal” went BEST-SELLER!!!… and just went into our SCHOOL/COLLEGES Thank you God, thank you God, Thank you God… Thank you Chris Silva, Nadine Christine, Lisa Morgan and each of you for making this possible!!!… 


forgiveness to fitness: exercise and nutrition plan with Journal

Forgiveness To Fitness: Exercise And Nutrition Plan With Journal Celebrity-backed health and fitness book that has real exercises and ral nutrition for real people. Become a student of exercise and nutrition, devote yourself to understanding what’s truly going on biologically when making nutrition or fitness choices for real results. Build the body you want, add life to your years and years to your life with these simple results focused, focus driven action plans with a journal to plan your day and balance your life.


forgiveness to fitness: exercise and nutrition plan with Journal

forgiveness to fitness: exercise and nutrition plan with Journal

A Bicycle Ride With God ~ The Duncan Dehydrator 2015

Duncan Dehydrator 2015, wher I am most connected to God, where I find humble and where I find gratitude… 
Father thank you for bringing me into this beautiful world as your child. Thank you for the blessings you continue to place before me each and everyday, thank you for the unique gifts of still seeing this world through the eyes of a child with the faith of the innocence of the child that lives within me. Thank you for trusting me with your blessings to share among those in need, thank you for keeping me in your hands of safety as you use me as your vessel to reach out to others sharing your love through your word. Thank you for protecting each of us from what we clearly deserve and blessing us with what we could never earn or deserve. Thank you for always providing me with the ability to give beyond my means so that you continue to bless me beyond my needs that I may share abundantly with others.

Father, give me strength, Lord, so when I speak, my words reach and inspire somebody, Lord, when they see me, let them see you. When they hear me, Father, let them hear you. Father God I know you abide by me and I abide by you today and everyday. I invite you God to live in me today for infinity so when I step out, I’m representing the God I serve, I’m representing the family who loved me and those who cared for me as blessings in their challenge. Father I pray forgiveness for those who passed without accepting Christ that they may be welcomed in God’s embrace and gratitude for God accepting all lost souls even if this means I must take their place, I pray father God they each know your amazing grace, the everlasting love of your son Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus name I give gratitude. Amen.
~Lisa Christiansen

The Duncan Dehydrator 2015-Lisa

 Lisa Christiansen Textbooks In College Curriculum

Today is an AMAZING day in God’s grace, I am humbled on bended knee in gratitude because I just found out that my NLP books, business books, and theological books are now included in college curriculum and you can get your college textbooks here… This is an unexpected blessing. Thank you father God for your abundant blessings.

Lisa Christiansen Textbooks In College Curriculum

In 6 countries “Forgiveness To Fitness: Exercise And Nutrition Plan With Journal” went BEST-SELLER!!!…

Thank you God, thank you God, Thank you God… Thank you Chris Silva​, Nadine Christine​, Hollyweb Online​, Katrina McCaffery​, Lisa Morgan​ and each of you for making this possible!!!…

forgiveness To Fitness-Lisa Christiansen

Forgiveness To Fitness ~ Day 7 ~ Mount Scott

I love saving the best for last!… Today I am humbled and God’s amazing grace for the beauty that surrounds us all, I am deeply grateful to each of you who have decided to take this step to your future, to your lifestyle change that will forever shape who you are yet to become and I am so excited to be such even a small part of your transformation. 
This forgiveness to fitness event is one of the best yet, I would like to thank each and everyone of you who attended, ladies you have set a new standard of excellence for yourselves and for those around you, gentlemen you have been exactly that gentleman, and to your children I am deeply grateful for their participation because our children are the foundation of our future and by bringing them to this event my prayer is that they flourish and grow in God’s amazing grace and spread the seeds of love through gratitude and forgiveness with all whom they connect with. Let us all remember to see the world through the eyes of a child, to love each other with the innocence of a child, and let us all have faith with the heart of a child even if it begins the size of a mustard seed… 
~Lisa Christiansen 💞

forgiveness To Fitness-Lisa Christiansen


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